Gluten Free Pad Thai




  1. Fill a pot with water and allow it to boil. Make the rice noodles according to the package.
  2. Meanwhile whisk together the coconut aminos, soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, and honey in a bowl.
  3. Heat your olive oil in a frying pan and toss the garlic in there. Allow it to simmer for approximately 30 seconds, and then add the broccoli along with some water. Put a lid on the pan and allow it to steam. Keep an eye on it and if it needs more water along the way, add it. It should be around medium heat.
  4. Once your noodles are done, remove from the water and set aside. Once your broccoli is done remove it from the pan. In the same pan, add the beaten eggs and whisk quickly!
  5. Add the sauce, veggies, shrimp, and noodles to the pan. Mix together and add the red pepper flakes. Allow it to sit between 5-10 minutes for the sauce to really absorb into the noodles.
  6. Meanwhile, chop your green onion so when your pad thai is done you can toss them on top.
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